Simple Ways to Avoid Calling for Furnace Repair this Winter

Simple Ways to Avoid Calling for Furnace Repair This Winter

We always rely on our furnace in the winter, whether we know we are or not. To guarantee that your furnace doesn’t surprise you with any breakdowns or problems for the rest of the winter, inspect that you are up to date with annual furnace maintenance. Along with these annual tune-ups, there are a few easy checks that you can make yourself on your furnace system and decrease the chances of emergency furnace repair, such as:

  1. Checking your thermostat - your furnace issues could be as plain as exhausted batteries in your thermostat. While your system will usually give you a month’s warning before the battery dies, it’s not difficult to miss the beep or light signal. If you look and your batteries are good, ensure that your thermostat is set to “heat” instead of “cool.” It can also be easy to forget to change this setting during the changing of the seasons, and you never know who’s been altering your thermostat. Still no luck? You may have to alter your fan setting to “on” rather than “auto.” This will keep your fan propelling air, even if your furnace is heating. But take into account if you do this switch, you must also remember to…

  2. Change your air filters - furnace troubles are most often caused by dirty filters-- from the filth and particles that gather on your filter. This can cause your furnace to work harder than it needs to and can even give off a funny, burnt smell when starting up. Replacing your furnace filters are the most painless way keep your furnace working well.

  3. Keeping your air vents open – 1.many people think that shutting vents to vacant rooms is smart and it sounds like it would save you money. But sealing off vents often forces your system to overwork and can cause strain on your furnace. Temperatures in heated rooms will escape into other unheated rooms through indoor, uninsulated walls and create an imbalance in the comfort of your home.

By adhering to these simple pieces of advice and keeping up with your planned furnace service, your furnace should operate effortlessly and efficiently all winter long. If you haven’t scheduled your furnace service yet for this year, give our specialists at Stieferman Heating Company Inc in Jefferson City a call at 573-203-3908.

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